Blessington again…

We went for a drive yesterday afternoon with the intention of parking somewhere and going for a stroll. “How about the lakes at Blessington” I suggested. It was agreed and we headed off. Half an hour later we were getting out of the car when I noticed my camera bag ;). “Better not leave that in the car I said”. I figured I would be pushing my luck if I grabbed the tripod as well so that stayed put. We set off on our stroll. The weather was good and I think I managed to balance conversation and photography fairly well :).

During our walk I noticed a lot of exposed tree roots where, I presume, the soil had been taken away by the high water levels. There were also a number of exposed tree stumps in the water which the low level had revealed. I thought these would make some interesting B&W photos. Here are some of the results….

The shots were fairly straightforward..all handheld in aperture priority. The light was bright so I was able to set a small aperture for best DOF (f18/22). Processing was in Photoshop.

For anyone who knows the area it`s well worth a visit. The car park is the one opposite the Russborough House entrance on the N81. After parking the car follow the shore past the fishing boats.


2 responses to “Blessington again…

  1. Hey Gerry,
    Finally got to check your blog! Looks great. Eventually when my images improve a little, I’ll start one up!
    Love these images of the tree rouutes .. and love your story & how the camera just happened to be in the car! I certainly know that feeling 😀


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