Went down to Waterford on “Paddys Day” and ended up on a beach near Dunmore East. After doing the usual, tripod mounted, 3 exposure bracked shots, I released the camera from its legs and fitted my 70-300 zoom. I love setting up my tripod and taking the time to compose a shot but I equally enjoy handholding the camera and not having to worry about bracketing or HDR. Anyway, as I walked along the beach, some nearby birds took flight. I quickly raised the camera to my eye and tracked the birds while clicking away. I was dissapointed when I reviewed the images on the camera. None were worth keeping but one in particular could have been very good (I think) except for part of one of the birds wings being out of the shot. Thats photography for you – part skill part luck.

Here`s the shot…Nikon D90, Nikkor 70-300 VR.   f7.1    1/640    ISO 200. I did very little editing apart from converting to B&W and the usual levels and curves…

And here`s one I took before I put the tripod away….

It`s a 3 exposure HDR. 2 stops bracketed. f18  1/25  1/100 and 1/8  @ ISO 200. Tonemapped in Photomatix and tweaked in Photoshop.


9 responses to “Dissapointment…

  1. I like the geese shot Gerry, a great feeling of out into the wild from it.

    Beach shot is well composed and lovely movement in the sky but I’d be inclined to brighten it a little, really nice work though.

    • Thanks John. I do like the geese shot but I hate the way the wing is clipped (thinking of Aidans presentation). The sky in the original beach shot RAW`s had very little detail or contrast. The tonemapping brought some out and then I used a black gradient in PS to darken it a bit..parts of it were too dark after that so I “dodged” those areas.

    • Thanks for that. Maybe it is ok..it just bugs me when I look at it because I like the overall composition with the paralell layers of the sky, sea, surf and sand and the position of the dark birds against the white background.

    • Thanks Barbara..don`t think they are geese tbh..a previous comment mentioned geese so I assumed…I only recently got a telephoto zoom lens to allow me to take this kind of shot so I`m hoping to visit more coastal locations for some more bird photos.

  2. Excellent work Gerry, the blog is looking great… as do the images… however that ‘snapshots’ thing is driving me mad…lol.. can I switch it off… maybe its just me?
    keep up the good work…

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