Sometimes we see more when we look through the lens…

I was up bright and early yesterday morning and headed for Emo Court in Co. Laois. It was a stunning day and was already warm as I stepped from the car just before 8 o`clock. I had the whole place to myself and as I set off with my tripod over my shoulder I dreamed that some day I might ditch the day job and do this full time.

I continued my stroll through the winding paths looking for photo opportunities and taking in the fresh air when I came across a reddish coloured tree (maple I think) amongst all the green. I noticed how some of the leaves became translucent as the still low sun lit them from behind.

I raised the camera to my eye to look for a good composition and noticed, as I panned around with the lens, that one of the leaves had a tiny hole in it and I was getting a starlight effect when I moved the camera into a certain position as the sun shone through from behind.

I took several shots and was happy with the result. More photos from the trip can be seen here.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 24-120 VR. f5.6 1/2500 @ ISO 100


On your doorstep…

Sometimes we don`t have to travel too far to find something to photograph. This photo is of a plant outside my back door. I had a flash mounted on the camera and had to lie on the ground to get the unusual view. The background was a pale blue sky. I desaturated the blues and cyans in Photoshop which made the sky white and increased saturation on the subject to boost the colours. I then cloned out a couple of unwanted leaves.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 24-120 VR. f5.6 1/200 @ ISO 100