Into The Light

This is one of my favourite photos.

I was driving through the Wicklow Gap several years ago and I noticed how the light was being reflected off the damp winding road with the swirling clouds in the background. I pulled the car over and ran off a few shots trying several different compositions.

When I got home I quickly uploaded the pics to my computer but was dissapointed with what I saw. The images were grey and flat and, although I was happy with the composition, I decided that they were not keepers. However, I am not very diciplined when it comes to deleting images so, as usual, left them there. It was several months later when I noticed the images again and decided to have a play with them in Photoshop. The image below is the result. I used several layer masks to optimise colour, contrast etc. and added a texture layer to add some atmosphere to the shot. Hope you like…

Kodak DCS 14n – Nikkor 24-120 VR. 1/125 @ f13 and ISO 80


6 responses to “Into The Light

    • Thanks for the comment Heath. You have some nice shots on your blog. I often process single files in Photomatix (as you mentioned in blog) and sometimes get great results. It`s amazing how much detail can be recovered from a RAW file.

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