Nearly there….

At last im nearly there with the new studio. It`s been a while since I posted about this but I`ve been struggling to find time lately. I`ve been saying “nearly there” for the past 6 weeks but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I won`t go and advertise straight away as I want to build the business slowly and make sure I`m 100% happy with the quality of the product/service I`m providing. Hopefully this time next year I`ll be busy with it 🙂


The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Here`s a useful tool for photographers who are interested in the position of the sun (and moon) at any given time and in any part of the world.It can be downloaded here for free. It works in conjunction with Google Maps. Find the area you plan to visit by scrolling the map. Position the cursor on the area you are interested in. Select the date from the calendar (defaults to current day), then click on the details button and drag the slider to see where the sun will be, at any particular time.


Hi and welcome to my Blog. I`m new to this so please bear with me while I try and find my way around. The purpose of this is to help satisfy my obsession with photography by connecting with likeminded people where we can share ideas, techniques, comments etc. so that we can help each other to become better at what we do.

I intend to post photos, as often as possible, with detailed information on location, equipment used, camera settings and processing and would welcome any comments, criticism (good or bad) etc.