Bridge House

When the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I was sure I had made a mistake in planning a photo shoot at the nearby Blessington Lakes. I needed more sleep. Anyway a deal was a deal so I got myself up and braved the cold, started the car and let the frost thaw from the windows.
We arrived at the lakes at around 6:30 and settled on a location that would give us a good view of the sunrise. After about 15 minutes the grey skies began to glow from the sun rising behind the hills. It was amazing how quickly the light was changing and we knew it would not last very long as there was a lot of cloud around.
I got several shots that I was reasonably happy with and I will post them here over the coming days.
Here is the first;


Inside Out

Another from the weekend abandoned cottage shoot. I really liked the textures and colour on this old door and the 50mm lens did a good job of capturing it. The plants behind the door were a bit distracting so I decided to desaturate them to keep the emphasis on the door. I think it works?

Grand Canal Dock

Grand Canal Dock (Irish: Duga na Canála Móire) is an area in Ringsend near Dublin city centre, surrounding the Grand Canal Docks, an enclosed harbour or docking area between the River Liffey and the Grand Canal. Since 2000 the area has undergone significant redevelopment as part of the Dublin Docklands area redevelopment project. Grand Canal Dock contains Grand Canal Dock railway station (also known as Barrow Street Station) and Boland’s Mill, the national Waterways Visitor Centre, the Millennium Tower and the Grand Canal Theatre.

3 exposure HDR – 1/2, 1/40 and 1/10 @ f20 and ISO 200. Nikon D90 / Sigma 10-20.

Lough Na Fooey Sunrise

Loch Na Fooey (Irish: Loch na Fuaiche) is a rectangular shaped glacial lake situated in County Galway. Part of the north-eastern shore lies along the border to County Mayo. The closest village is Finny, Co. Mayo with the picturesque Galway village of Leenaun (and Ireland’s only “fjord“, Killary Harbour) approximately 11 km distant.

This photo was taken last October on a weekend trip with the local camera club. The previous night had been a late one but I managed to set the alarm before going to sleep. Luckily enough there was a car waiting when I scrambled out of bed and down the stairs. The location had been suggested to us by one of the staff in the hotel the night before and was well worth the early start (even with a sore head). We were rewarded with a fantastic sunrise which made it all worthwhile. We stayed a while before returning for a well earned breakfast.